Teaching Materials: BJMSiksha!

Teaching Learning Materials

Bharatiya Jan Morcha believes that learning should be joyful and meaningful. That is why in every BJM ESC, the use of TLMs is the integral part of teaching learning process. Only in one years time a significant pool including games, puzzles, songs, cards, worksheets, charts etc has been developed. Most of the TLMs are derived from games that children play and use materials that are locally available.

Vocational Education

The aim of this component will be to provide students new opportunities of growth and experience and also developing related skills. The content will be structured in the form of a foundation course and it will comprise of computer education and tailoring etc. There are plans to increase the range and reach of vocational education options. These include short courses for teaching (particularly at pre -school level).

Arts and Craft

At Bharatiya Jan Morcha Siksha, arts and craft are seen as an integral part of the curriculum. The objective is to encourage creativity and self-expression and also, enhance aesthetic sense. The component includes drawing and painting, collage making, clay modeling, music etc.

More focused work will be done with professionally trained, subject teachers later. The classical elements have not been incorporated much in BJM. There is a complete inclusion of arts component. In BJM ESCs the connection between every subject is encouraged too.

Class room practice in BJM ESC.

  • Children are taught in different groups and approach of teaching is multilevel. Children are further re-grouped in small sub groups according to their different level in BJM ESCs.
  • Facilitators and children sit together in a semi -circle and this make children very comfortable and familiar with the facilitator. Every child is given equal attention.
  • Usually, a facilitator pupil ratio of 1:30 is maintained.
  • To teach, facilitators make daily lesson plans. Consolidated monthly plans are also made.
  • There are strong community demands to upgrade the schools to next level.