Pre Education and Elementary :-

Bharatiya Jan Morcha consider pre school component of education as the most important in children’s formative years. The first 2,000 days in a life of child is the most crucial and critical, according to latest brain research. That is why we emphasizes on preschool. We are well aware that if in this critical stage, they are not provided with proper stimulation facility, their ability to learn die off. So in BJM’s pre-school children are provided with proper facility and appropriate teaching learning materials that help children in language development, cognitive development, motor skill development, aesthetic sense development and socio-emotional development, which are the key areas of child development. BJM ESC follow play way method for pre –school children that include, different rhymes, storytelling, music dance etc. We have developed the syllabus of our own keeping in mind the institutional approach and pedagogy that encourage children to be in love with learning. The commonly use TLMs in our pre –schools are:

  • Different types of Puzzles (for development of language and number concept).
  • Puzzles ( to develop the concept of Shape, size and Form)
  • Pin Board (for the development of motor skill and eye hand co-ordination)
  • Beads stand (for motor skill development, eye hand co-ordination, color and no. concept etc)
  • Puzzles of different themes (for different kind of development)
  • Building blocks (for creative thinking)
  • Building bricks( for creative thinking)
  • Multiple Toys for eye and hand co-ordination
  • Beads sets (for multiple use like small muscle development, eye hand co-ordination etc)
  • Abacus (for number concept)
  • Shape tower (for understanding shapes)
  • Big Books (for telling stories and having conversation with children)
  • Ladder (for balance and large muscle development)
  • Swing (large muscle development)
  • Colors and crayons (for aesthetic sense, color concept and small muscle development)
  • Drum (for understanding of rhythm, bytes, and for multiple use”)
  • Tape recorder (for playing rhymes etc.)
  • Drawing Books( for sketching, drawing lines, playing with colors etc.)

Elementary ( 6 to 14 years)

Right now at the elementary section of BJM ESCs, the overall emphasis is on facilitating children into becoming independent learners. We work on child’s early language, literacy and numeracy skills at the first level. As the children move to next level the objective is to prepare them to perform at participant levels when they reach class V.

The teachers work on the related listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of children. Children are facilitated to play with alphabets to form words and sentences. The English language has not been removed totally from children’s context. The formal teaching of English is given in BJM’S ESCs.

The stress on constructing on children’s present experience and knowledge and abstract clarity is similarly relevant for other subjects like Mathematics, Environmental Studies etc. The movement from going concrete to abstract is gradual. There is inclusive arts component as well. BJM stress interlinkages between all the subjects.

The TLMs that are being used in early primary sections are

1 Dus Tiliyon Ka Khel (this game has been taken from Bodh Siksha Samiti)-----to explains concepts (numbers, place value, simple operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication) Enhances hand co-ordination/balance and concentration .Enhances strategic thinking and collective decision making.
2 Khel Board ( this game has been taken from Bodh Siksha Samiti)--- To Recognize different geometrical shapes, colors, words and their sounds Enhances strategic thinking and collective decision making
3 Game of Notes (using fake currency notes)--To Understand place value, simple operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication Counting from 1 to 100
4 Jali Button (Net and buttons) ----To Understand concept of numbers and counting Matching colours and also creating different designs
5. Carrom Board adaptation) ---To Understand place value, simple operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication Enhances hand co-ordination/balance and concentration
6. 55 and 100 Goti Stand ----To Understand numbers and counting, concept of tens and decimals Matching colours Enhancing balance and concentration
7. Geometrical Symmetry Cut outs---- To Understanding shapes and symmetry
8. Fraction Cards-- To Understand concept of fractions, simple operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication
9. Ludo---- To understand number and counting
10 Picture Card---- To form the picture of word, with the help of picture