About BJMSiksha!

Introduction In Brief Of The Society--- The trust was found in 1982 with the name of Rural Development Foundation Of India. As the name suggested, the trust made valuable contribution in rural development within India using updated technologies such as bio gas and solar energy. However during the last century due to shortage of funds only a few demonstration projects could be set up in Delhi, Haryana and Uttrakhand but in 2006 it was decided to take up rural development in two backward states, using Gandhian formula of setting up Sheva Aashrams, but with updated technologies. It was also decided to include slum areas of Delhi and Patna as some of the trustees had their own properties in these areas.

At the same time it was decided to change the name of the Trust to “Bharatiya Jan Morcha”. The rural Shewa Asharams were set up near Latehar in Jharkhand and in Village Dharahara, near Paliganj of Patna district. It was noted at this stage that while Indian cities and the industrial sector were making remarkable progress, people living in the village of our backward states and in slums of our cities were not getting the benefits of our progress. It was therefore decided to deal with the pressing problem of power shortage, health and education in the rural belt and for providing quality education in selected slums of ours.

Today our program for providing education in slum is proceeding quite well in Patna. Two BJM Educational Support Centres ( BJM ESCs) has already been set up and education to nearly hundred children is being imparted.

Our Trustee Dr. Nikhil Sinha is obtaining the latest technology pertaining to solar panels so that power at lower cost could be provided in the rural areas of Bihar Patna District. Plans for setting up two health clinics with mobile vans are also being explored. We are confident that their plans would also fructify just as the slum education program has been progressing successfully in this short period of time.

BJM educational Support Centre is in the process of evolving. The BJM ESCs has been initiated last year in 2011 with the objective of universal elementary education in the two wards of Patna for the children (3-14years) and we acknowledge the academic support of Rajasthan based NGO, Bodh Siksha Samiti and moral support of Mr. Abdul Jabbar( Aaga Khan Foundation) due to which we are doing well in such a short period of time. We are very confident that BJM educational Support centers will recognized as model center for pre and early primary education.