Our Vision Our Vision- Develop an environment of dignity and respect for the deprived sections of society through their participation, education and awareness in community based work.
Our Mission-    Develop slums into Model Communities, ensuring all the basic facilities for livelihood and wellbeing through participation of the community members.

Goals- Provide and get create din Kajipur and Machualtoli slums of Patna

  • A clean, sanitized and hygienic environment, free of litter, with a scientific solid waste management system in place, managed by the community;
  • Water for the residents;
  • Toilets;
  • Model pre-school education provided by BJM;
  • Model government primary school with materials and technical support from BJM for quality education;
  • Adult education;
  • Preventive health care;
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs) of women for women empowerment and creating livelihood opportunities and micro-finance facilities; and
  • Benefits of different government schemes, which they get deprived of, for lack of awareness through assistance by BJM.


The trust was founded in 1982 as Rural Development Foundation of India. As the name suggested, the trust made valuable contribution in rural development within India using updated technologies such as bio gas and solar energy. In 2006 it was decided to take up rural development in two backward states using the Gandhian formula of setting up Seva Ashrams, but with updated technologies. It was also decided to include slum areas of Delhi and Patna in 2011.

Around the same time it was decided to change the name of the Trust to “Bharatiya Jan Morcha”. The rural Sewa Ashrams were set up near Latehar in Jharkhand and in Village Dharahara, near Paliganj of Patna district. It was noted at this stage that,while part of urban India was making remarkable progress, people living in villages and in the slums of Indian cities were not getting the benefits of progress. It was therefore decided to review and redirect the energies of the Trust to these deprived communities.

Bharatiya Jan Morcha, a registered trust, with its headquarters in Delhi, has been working for about five years in two slum colonies of Patna, namely Kajipur and Macchuatoli to improve the quality of education being provided to children coming from these habitations. In 2016 the trust decided to expand its work in these communities to include improvement of the environment through better water and sanitation, adult education, preventive health care, formation of Self Help Groups and provision of targeted facilities mandated by the government e.g. toilets, street lighting, foodgrains under the Food Security Act,Aadhar cards, PAN cards, BPL cards, bank accounts and ration cards.